JoshuaCMT / Services

Swedish, Deep Tissue and
Sports Massage

Joshua Van Abrahams

60 minute session: $100
90 minute session: $140
2 hour session:  $190
3 hour session: $260


My speciality is a combination of Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage for gay men:  getting into all levels of muscles from outer to inner, top to bottom, glutes to psoas.   Let’s have fun and make some serious change.

Fastest booking:  text me at (415) 322-0336

Further details… Ultimately, massage is about changing the body.  By using touch to enter into the body’s muscle, chronic patterns of tension are released.  Many men routinely experience neck pain, upper back pain, and lower back pain along with many other maladies.  This may be caused by poor posture, a desk job, a fitness routine, or day to day physical demands.  Almost all guys experience excessive levels of stress from work, relationships, family, or finances.   Massage addresses the complete man, including the physical and the emotional.  I enjoy creating a relaxing and nurturing space for massage, while at the same time directly releasing tight, stressed muscle.

My style of massage is derived from swedish and deep tissue techniques.  I enjoy massaging in a way that is anatomically precise, with the specific aim to locate those tight knots and to release them.  My over all approach varies between sensual and deep as the moment calls for.  I work at the depth and level of pressure required to directly affect change in the body.

A single massage can produce significant results.   If at all possible, I always recommend repeated visits.  Consider a regular program of massage as a part of your overall health and fitness routine.  Always knowing that a massage is coming up will give you piece of mind.  There is no need to live with muscle pain and stress.   Massage can be a part of a routine that can take you into a life with less pain, more relaxation, and greater joy.

I look forward to seeing you on my table soon!


x  Josh

§ One Response to JoshuaCMT / Services

  • Rudy says:

    Josh, what a surprise to see your site. this is Rudy and you gave me a massage last week at erros. thanks for being so sweet and if I am back in town will call you again.
    My best… Rudy

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